SHOCK POLL: Hillary Locked Up THIS Swing State…But Trump Just Put It Back IN PLAY!

This is not how it was supposed to turn out.

Wikileaks is letting the truth be known—Hillary Clinton, like the Wizard of Oz, is pulling all the levers behind the screen of the media and the government agencies that are supposed to be holding her accountable.

So while her lapdog media threw mud at Trump and made their polls look like he was sunk—in order to demoralize his supporters—the American people were starting to see the full extent of Hillary’s “octopus tentacles.”

And they’re not buying the liberal bull.  Ohio, a bellwether, is already showing signs of being further in Trump’s camp than anyone expected.  But that’s not what’s surprising.  Now we have another bellwether, one of the more liberal ones, moving away from Hillary:

Has the tide turned yet again in the volatile presidential race? In New Hampshire, even before the cascade of October surprises that have battered the Donald Trump campaign, Hillary Clinton appeared well on her way to an easy win in the WBUR poll series. Today, though, the four-way race has gone back to a near-virtual tie, thanks in part to a bleedout from Gary Johnson to Trump.

Democrat Hillary Clinton leads Republican Donald Trump by just 3 points — 41 to 38 percent. That’s within the poll’s 4.4 percentage point margin of error. Libertarian Gary Johnson is at 11 percent.

This is pretty amazing after the amount of lies Trump has endured.  No one should count out Trump until all the votes are tallied.  The media, however, should be judged immediately as water-carriers for Hillary Clinton, with once-reputable papers like the New York Times and the Washington Post willing to write blatant lies under the guise of news.  These organizations are violating their freedoms under the 1st Amendment and they will get what’s coming to them—they will be ignored and illegitimized.

Meanwhile polls will continue to trend toward Trump as energy for him grows again and America sees through the lies Hillary keeps throwing at him.

Source: Hot Air

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