SHOCK POLL: The Latest Numbers Are In…And Donald Trump Is SPEECHLESS!

Hillary’s claim to fame—and really her only one—is that she is the first woman in a very long time to have a chance at winning the White House. If elected, she will be the very first woman to be president of the United States.

Although she is the absolute worst woman for the job, you’d think that such an amazing reality would have women flocking to her side, just like minorities did for Obama.

You’d think her campaign would use that at every advantage, touting women’s rights and greater advancement for the sex as a whole.

But there’s a very good reason Clinton hasn’t made that the focus of her campaign: women just don’t like her.

From Conservative Tribune:

According to a new CNN [poll] released Wednesday only 36 percent of married women favored Clinton.

The results made perfect sense given that Clinton has aligned herself with liberal values, which tend to be explicitly anti-family and thus detrimental to society’s long-term health. And since married women have families to care about, it can be surmised that these potential consequences disturb them.

LifeZette highlighted some of these aftereffects of unrestrained liberalism. Take for instance the liberal belief that men who identify as women should be permitted to use the bathroom of their choice.

“Family women with children seem to not find such a political platform particularly appealing,” LifeZette explained.

The same applied for a number of other liberal ideas and beliefs, such as the promotion of unrestrained abortion, sexual promiscuity and single-parent homes, to name a few. All posed negative consequences for traditional families and, more importantly, for the offspring of those mothers trying to raise their children properly.

I’m more and more convinced that only extreme, left-wing democrats are supporting Hillary. Everyday people, be they liberal or conservative, have just too many reservations to give her their support.

As first lady, senator, and secretary of state, Hillary Clinton has been a very poor example of woman in leadership. Her reputation going back to the 90’s has been one of a belligerent, difficult, and dishonest person.

That’s not the kind of figure you want representing women’s rights. And most women are seeing that.

Her extreme liberal policies also fly in the face of mothers across American. They want the freedom to raise their children their own way, not let federally-controlled schools do it. They are against the redefining of families that the left has been so determined to do.

So it comes as no surprise that they’d want to support Donald Trump, a man who wants to protect families, the economy, and the American way.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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