SHOCK POLL: Media Calls Election For Hillary…But Latest Numbers Have Trump SMILING!

The Right gets accused of ignoring the polls—turns out it’s the Left that should start paying more attention.

First, America is seeing the blatant collusion and corruption on behalf of the “impartial” media.  We all knew they were corrupt, but the extent of their guilt is overwhelming and nullifies many of their polls and journalism.

Second, the Left discounts any evidence that doesn’t fit into their narrative.  Take the LA Times poll, for example, that seems to be taking the pulse of the American people far better than other tainted media polls.  The latest numbers should be giving Hillary an episode right about now:


The LA times has shown Trump consistently up since September and only dropped below Hillary briefly after the all-out media assault on Trump after the audio/video was released.  The sexual assault/rape allegations do not seem to be sticking, and instead the Wikileaks revelations and Hillary’s clear collusion with the media to destroy Trump do seem to be taking hold.

With only a few weeks left until judgment day on November 8th, Trump supporters should not give up hope. The media only has unfounded allegations left to throw at Trump while the clear evidence of Hillary’s crimes keeps piling up, aided especially by Wikileaks and Project Veritas.  The third debate will also be a pivotal moment that should only serve to strengthen Trump as he will have one final chance to make his case to the American people.  As long as Hillary doesn’t get marked absent.

Source: LA Times

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