MELTDOWN: Poll Of 13 Swing States STUN Political World…1 Candidate In Total COLLAPSE!

Hillary Clinton enjoyed a healthy lead after the Democratic National Convention, but it’s been going downhill, albeit slowly, from there.

And now we have reached an inflection point as Donald Trump has continued to strengthen to the point that even the things that Democrats say to themselves to feel self-assured are no longer operable.

Another week means another batch of polls, and Team Hillary is no doubt panic-stricken over the results.

As Michele Hickford reports for Allen West…

The LA Times/USC/Dornslife poll now shows Donald Trump SEVEN points ahead.

But that’s not even really the worst news for Team Clinton.

A new poll from CBS no less shows Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump tied up in 13 battleground states.

Clinton and Trump are tied at 42 percent in that survey, with 55 percent of voters saying they want to see a “big change” in the country’s direction come November.

Asked who could bring about such change, 47 percent of voters picked Trump, versus 20 percent choosing Clinton.

But there’s more: Hillary’s one-time 13 point lead in the Minnesota Star Tribune polls has been sliced in half.

September is winding down, and Hillary’s performance just gets worse every day. The question is: can Trump hold onto this momentum?

Source: Allen West

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