NEW POLL: Paul Ryan Just Got Very Bad News From Voters – But Donald Trump LOVES It!

Since becoming House Speaker, things have not been easy for Paul Ryan. Ever since Boehner left the seat, controversy and criticism surrounded the selection process for the new Speaker. 

The original candidates flat out rejected the role, leaving only Ryan as the presumptive Speaker. Some in the GOP look at Ryan as a runner-up, the booby prize for a seat that should have gone to someone more experienced.

His record thus far hasn’t been glamorous, though there’s not much for the GOP’s to do with Obama in office. You’d think with the election coming up, Ryan and friends would be championing the nominees, but the exact opposite has happened.

Rumors swirled that Boehner and Ryan wouldn’t support either Ted Cruz or Donald Trump, going as far as suggesting they were hoping for a brokered convention.

Seems all that ill will has come back to hurt the Speaker.

From The Hill:

Nearly half of Republican voters disapprove of Paul Ryan’s performance as House Speaker, according to a new poll released Wednesday by Public Policy Polling.

Only 40 percent of GOP voters are happy with Ryan’s stint as Speaker so far, while 44 percent disapprove. Those numbers worsen among all voters, with just 30 percent approval and 48 percent disapproval.

Many establishment Republicans have looked to Ryan to unify the party, and speculation has grown as to whether he would mount his own last-ditch candidacy to attempt to block presumptive nominee Donald Trump.

This poll might be more indicative of the GOP as a whole. Candidates like Trump and Cruz had success due to their outsider positions. They soared on platforms opposed to Washington politics. The voters have been responding. Even the liberals seem energized by this notion; how else could Bernie get so far?

Anyone perceived as a traditional, insider politician (ahem, Hillary) will automatically be reviled by voters. As Speaker of the House, Ryan is the poster child of the Establishment.

Though he’ll probably hold the position for many years, we doubt he’ll make as big of an impact as he originally hoped.

Source: The Hill

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