Poll PROVES American’s True Election Reactions…Surprised, Yes. But Also Perfectly…

Protests have been almost non-stop since the ballots were counted and shocked Hillary supporters took to the streets to voice their unhappiness.

And while ridiculous, the way the media blasted us with their desired outcomes, Clinton supporters questioning the election results could seem kind of understandable.

Recently, the liberal, news-hawkers have been claiming that a majority of the American people are dissatisfied with Trump’s win and don’t accept it.

A new Gallup Poll taken right after the election shows a different result.

From Forbes.com:

Image Credit: Screenshot/Gallup

While the majority of voters — 75% — expressed surprise over the outcome of the election, a greater majority — 84% — stated that they accepted Donald Trump’s election as “legitimate.”

While this seems to refute the narrative that shows large groups of hundreds and even thousands of protesters around the country, it’s important to note that Gallup only polled voters.

Several sources have noted that in some cases, many of the protesters have been non-voters and thus would not have been included in Gallup’s assessment of the post-election sentiment.

So, here’s another affirmation of the fact that Trump won the election fair and square, and all of the protesting won’t change that!

Source: Independent Journal Review



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