WHOA: Latest Poll Shows MASSIVE 20 Point Gap For Independents! They’re Voting For…

The Liberal news media has been hounding “the Don” non-stop right from the get go. Hillary has spent tens of millions on anti-Trump ads and has even enlisted low-information Hollywood celebrities to pile on their two cents worth.  But Trump has proven to be none the worse for wear!

On the contrary, it seems all the negative ads and media spin has only hurt one candidate.

As we get closer to the elections, polls are showing a dramatic increase of Independent voters in favor of one candidate—by a surprising margin.

As Wayne Dupree, aka the Newsninja has the stunning numbers:

“New poll numbers are ringing in the American voter’s ears, and Donald Trump is winning independents by a large margin over Hillary Clinton 49%-29%. This is happening with the liberal media trashing Trump 24/7, tens of millions on negative ads against him including the Hollywood elite publicly going after him and guess what, he’s weathering the storm.

I still believe the media continues to ask the wrong people. “Registered voters” is a meaningless stat as the only voters who matter are those who show up to vote! “Nationwide” is also relatively meaningless in that the election is won in the Electoral College, so swing state polls mean more. Swing state polls will also tell more about which party will likely control the House and Senate, but again, only if you poll likely voters.

Is anyone surprised that a person without honor, integrity or honesty is losing in the polls?? Opponents of Trump can rail all they want about his personality, brashness or bombastic rhetoric, but honesty, integrity, and character do count. Hillary just doesn’t have it.”

Laura Ingraham, seen below, explains how the poll numbers pan out. One thing for certain is Trump is clearly making huge gains against Hillary and she appears to be getting bogged down by the fact that she really has nothing to show for her years in Washington apart from her mere presence. Oh, and did I forget to mention some scandals here and there? We’ll save them for a different time!

Source:  Newsninja

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