SHOCK POLL: Trump Just Stole A MASSIVE Voting Block From Hillary…NO ONE Expected This!

Crunching poll numbers is something best left to the egg heads who enjoy sitting around staring at statistics all day. What they come up with, though, can be fascinating.

And oh boy, are the latest numbers fascinating.

Donald Trump is making gains with people that no one expected—especially for a 70 year old white male.  This has the media trying to hush up the numbers as much as they can, because this thing is going south on Hillary faster than they thought possible.

There seems to be a big shift happening in how minorities and the young 18 to 34 age range voters are switching their loyalties. In the past, they would have been almost a sure thing for candidate Hillary but evidently Republican nominee, Donald Trump, is connecting with them.

According to USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times Daybreak tracking poll here’s how their numbers stack up as of Thursday September 15th:

Voters in the 18-34 age range have vacillated throughout the campaign, according to the USC/Dornsife poll, but have generally favored Clinton, with Trump’s support among the group falling as low as 35 percent last month. However as of Thursday, Trump was leading Clinton among voters aged 18-34 by a margin of 47.7 percent to 37.9 percent.

And with African-Americans the poll showed:

Although Clinton remained the leader among black Americans, the poll showed that support fell from 85 percent to 75.3 percent while Trump, whose support had hovered in the single digits for much of the campaign, rose to 19.3 percent.

And among Hispanic voters:

Although Clinton led Trump 53.8 to 31 percent among Hispanic voters, Trump’s figure remains higher than the 27 percent of the Hispanic vote received by GOP candidate Mitt Romney in the 2012 election.

Among white voters the results were fairly predictable:

Trump led Clinton 55.1 percent to 33.1 percent among white voters.

So, what does all this mean?

Well, the number crunchers have plenty to keep them busy at least through election day! That’s about it unless you put a lot of stock in opinion polls, which this writer does not! But don’t go by what I say as I am wrong fairly often so please do your own research and cast an informed vote!

Source: Western Journalism


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