SHOCK POLL: The Brutal Truth On Obamacare EXPOSED…Liberals Are Furious!

One of Donald Trump’s most important campaign promises was to repeal and replace the disaster that was Obamacare.

With his Inauguration only days away, GOP leaders in D.C. have been working feverishly to draft several plans to replace the ailing health care bill. Despite heated opposition by minority democrats, Trump will have a potent bill on his desk come January 20.

The left has criticized Trump’s stance on Obamacare from the beginning, contending that the law has provided affordable health care to millions of Americans. But they are intentionally blind to the massive problems the law has created, from skyrocketing premiums to major providers backing out, citing significant loses.

Liberals will continue to bellyache over the change, but it looks like most Americans are feeling chipper about the Republicans’ plan.

From Hot Air:

A poll released Monday found a slight majority of respondents would like to see either full repeal or major changes to the outgoing president’s health care law. From the Hill:

The new poll, conducted by the GS Strategy Group on behalf of the conservative American Action Network, found that 54 percent of likely voters say they would like to see the president’s signature legislative achievement undergo full repeal or major changes.

Forty-three percent said the law should be left as it is or that it requires only minor changes.

Support for repeal went up to 70% when the question included a transition period from the current law to a replacement plan. That’s essentially the repeal and delay plan the GOP has been saying it will pursue, though the length of the delay is unclear at this point.

Ever since the beginning of the year, Donald Trump, Mike Pence and his team have gone about enacting the will of the people.  Mike Pence explains their agenda better than anyone else can:

When asked about eliminating Obamacare outright, 54% of those asked were on board. 43%, however, seemed concerned about the loss of their current coverage, despite its massive cost and numerous problems.

However, when asked about a transition period between Obamacare and its replacement, a staggering 70% were in favor. That shows the vast majority of those polled are dissatisfied with the current health care climate.

It’s plain to see that most Americans are frustrated with the toxic plan and are eager for a change. Removing the problematic Obamacare with something that will legitimately bring heath care costs down, while providing better options for Americans, is what everyone wants.

Hopefully, we will get it very soon.

Source: Hot Air

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