WHOA – Polling Shows Trump Is Turning This Blue State RED…Democrats In A PANIC!

The UK Guardian can be hard to read if you’re a conservative, or just possess some common sense. This “progressive” publication never misses an opportunity to decry phony “racism,” “fat shaming” and “Islamophobia,” while pushing a utopian socialist, “green” worldview.

The Guardian has also been covering the U.S. presidential race, of course, and to Americans, these articles sound like they were written by an anthropologist trapped amongst a primitive tribe with strange rituals. Besides providing American readers with inadvertent comic relief, however, sometimes the Guardian provides accidental insights of a more positive nature.

Reporting on Trump’s all important campaign in “blue state” Iowa, the Guardian’s journalist writes:

Trump’s strong position is in part due to the fact that unlike in other swing states, the Iowan Republican establishment has rallied conclusively behind him. (…) All three US representatives and both senators rallied behind Trump. So did Terry Branstad, the longest-serving governor in American history. (…)

Even if this is not enough, and Trump loses Iowa, the coalition he has built may point to a long-term shift which will make the state less purple and more red. (…)

[O]ne well-connected Democrat agreed, though he did not want to attach his name to such an opinion. As he said mournfully this weekend: “Increasingly, it seems like it is a Republican state and they just let Democrats live here.”

This demoralized Democrat is just one person, but how many like him are watching races in other states and losing faith in Hillary Clinton’s ability to defeat Trump in November?

Source: Guardian

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