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BREAKING: Final Polls of Tomorrow’s States Have YUGE News for 1 Candidate [BLOW OUT]
By PJ Editor|April 25, 2016

The numbers have been coming in for days and the trend couldn’t be clearer.

Maybe that is why two candidates announced an alliance of convenience last night…they can read polls too.

Public Policy Polling took a final look at the state of the Republican primary in 3 of the 5 states scheduled to vote tomorrow. They show that we could be heading for a historic thumpin’ for Donald Trump.

He’s strongest in Rhode Island where he gets 61% to 23% for John Kasich, and 13% for Ted Cruz. The numbers are very similar in Connecticut with Trump getting 59% to 25% for Kasich, and 13% for Cruz. Things are a little bit different in Pennsylvania where Trump’s share of the vote isn’t as high (51%) and Cruz edges out Kasich 25/22 for second place.

There are 118 bind-able delegates up for grabs tomorrow. Based on the polls in those states, we expect Trump to win about 89 or 75% of those. Additionally Pennsylvania will elect 54 unpledged delegates.

Source: PPP

PJ Editor
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