Possible Cabinet Nominee SLAMS Washington…Defends Trump Appointee

Now that he’s won the White House, Donald Trump faces the Herculean task of filling approximately 4,000 administrative jobs in just over one month.

Already, one of his hires, Breitbart.com publisher and former campaign CEO Steve Bannon, has sparked hysterical controversy, even though the job of special counsel is a mostly behind-the-scenes position. One of the more visible jobs, however, in any presidential administration is that of press secretary.

One name has popped up again and again to fill that demanding job.

Katie McHugh of Breitbart reports:

On Monday’s On The Record with host Tucker Carlson, conservative radio host and author Laura Ingraham said she would “seriously consider” becoming President-elect Donald Trump’s press secretary if offered the position and defended chief strategist Steve Bannon against the media smear campaign.

“I have my company, Lifezette, radio, Fox. I write a bunch of books. It’s a big decision, but I’m at the point where if my country needs me and if I can do something to actually, you know, advance the Trump agenda, which is stuff I have written about now for 15 years, trade, immigration and renewing America, then I obviously have to seriously consider that.”

Ingraham also talked about the anti-Bannon propaganda making the rounds:

“The smear campaign going on about Steve Bannon—I have been around Washington for a long time. I don’t like these smear campaigns. Unfair. People are tired of them,” Ingraham said. “He is a very smart person. He built a media company with an idea… I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. I get it. I understand that. I think people should take a breath, give him a chance. He’s a really good person and really smart.”

Credit: Breitbart

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