Post-Video Poll RELEASED – Hillary Can’t BELIEVE It…Trump All SMILES!

After the release of a ten year old tape of Donald Trump engaged in crude “locker room” chatter, many of his supporters dreaded what the next round of polls would show. Surely Trump’s popularity would plunge after this scandal, and fall so low that he really could lose the election.

However, one mainstream media poll taken right after the release of this audio will probably surprise Trump fans and detractors alike:

The new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll conducted immediately after audio was released Friday suggests most Republican voters think the party should stand by Donald Trump; only 12 percent think he should end his campaign. (…)

Among independents, 44 percent said Trump should stay in the race, compared with only 35 percent who thought he should drop out.

Once again, this poll demonstrates that the GOP establishment is out of touch with average Republican: A number of Beltway conservatives like John McCain and House Speaker Paul Ryan were quick to denounce Trump and withdraw their previous support. This attitude wasn’t seen across the board, though:

Former GOP nominee Bob Dole was a notable exception, coming out to declare he would not withdraw his support for the candidate who won 40 percent of the vote in the primary. Dole also reminded us the video is 11 years old — and that “The Clintons aren’t pure either.”

Of course, one notable difference between Bob Dole and most of those Republican leaders quick to condemn Trump is that many of those condemning the nominee are themselves on the ballot this November. Their very public distancing is almost certainly being driven, in large part, by a political calculation that continuing to stand by the tarnished nominee will damage their own prospects on election day.

So don’t be fooled by those Republican bigwigs who have suddenly discovered a sense of morality. They’re really more worried about their own reelection chances than they are with “misogyny” or the crude “sexualization” of American culture.

Source: Allen B. West

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