President Trump Drops A Sledge Hammer On Washington…The Establishment Is STUNNED!

If anyone questioned President Trump’s resolve to fix our country and set things right, they underestimated him greatly.

The months leading up to the Inauguration were ones of divisiveness on the part of liberals. They knew once Trump got into office, he’d start taking immediate steps to undo decades of terrible practices that have harmed the U.S. economy and our strength abroad.

They wanted to create a picture that Trump did not have massive support among Americans, despite his decisive victory. They played up paid protests, the lamentations of the left, and angry pundits and celebrities who attacked him on every front.  And some of them are about to pay for it.

Meanwhile, the people who met with Trump were impressed by his leadership and intentions for our country.

Now that he’s in office, the pathetic tactics of the left have amounted to nothing, as he swiftly signs executive orders to put his policies into motion.  Thankfully, even though Trump has been unbelievably quick about it, he takes his time to read and understand everything he is signing.  Watch in the video below how he makes sure they get it right.

One of those policies is to save Americans a lot of money.

From IJR:

In a series of executive orders issued on Monday, Trump implemented a federal employee hiring freeze…

The federal employee hiring freeze does not include the U.S. military, according to Trump…

As Trump signed the executive order implementing the hiring freeze, he made sure to sternly tell reporters, “Except for the military.” Then, he said it a second time to make sure they fully understood.

Federal hiring freezes are common practice within the government. Certain freezes have been in place for agencies since President Clinton. But many agencies have found loopholes in these policies by hiring contractors or temporary employees.

But considering this is Donald Trump we’re talking about, those loopholes will most likely be closed up.

His insistence to protect military jobs continues his unflinching support for our Armed Forces. In an age of rising Islamic terrorism, we need an uncompromising military force to protect our people and allies, and to root out our enemies.

In the coming months and years, we will see greater measures to scale back our bloated, oversized government, and see our private sector thrive.

As it should be.

Source: IJR

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