Watch Prominent Republican Claim THIS GOP Candidate Most Dangerous…Not Who You Think

It’s hard logic to follow and something most Americans have yet to think about, given that the nominations have yet to be decided.

But if you’re one to chew the political fat, it’s an interested thought experiment, to say the least. And the outcome is consequential, especially if we ultimately end up with President Hillary.

In a recent MSNBC appearance, Joe Scarborough voiced his opinion on what would happen in the general election.

He echoed what many people are thinking, that Ted Cruz would be worse than Donald Trump when it comes to down ballot candidates for the House and Senate.

His influence would hurt Republicans running for Congressional seats more.

How people vote is often driven by emotions.

What they think of a front runner candidate can have a affect on how they feel about everyone else in their party. Come this fall, we won’t just be voting for the President.  There will be many local and state seats up for grabs across the country. And believe it or not, whoever is running for President can influence how those other candidates fair.

That being said, we can think about what impact Trump or Cruz will have on the other seats in play.  Their likeability among voters, or lack thereof, can sway their choices.

So what does this all mean? Very little, if you life in the realm of reality. Right now we’re in the midst of the uncertain election cycle, where pundit views spin endless polls to mean whatever they want. The real news will only come election-time, when the American people cast their votes.

Check out the clip below and hear it for yourself. What do you think? Can Trump or Cruz have that much of an impact on other seats? Do you agree or disagree with Scarborough?

Source: MRCtv

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