Protests Have NOTHING On Her…WOMAN Records, Shares The BEATING She Gave Her Child For…

Thanks to the distorted, dishonest media reporting, many Americans have the wrong idea of what a Donald Trump presidency will be like. Instead of looking at the facts and what the man actually said about his goals, they believe what the news has repeatedly said: Trump would attack minorities and jeopardize the safety of gays, Muslims and other specific demographics.

Proven to be all lies, citizens are still responding irrationally and over-emotionally. Beyond the thousands who have gathered to protest the election — in mostly liberal cities, mind you, liberals have also been trolling the internet with disgusting, hateful words. In what are ultimately acts of hypocrisy, they have spewed lies, incited violence and shown their true disdain for our free election and democracy.

One act in particular has offered a grotesque reaction. And despite the MSM that has ignored it, footage went viral and inspired many to speak out against the suspect .

From IJR:

A video that’s recently emerged from Texas… shows that frustration being taken to a different level — with a mother kicking her young, bawling son out of the house and onto the street simply for voting for Trump.

That disturbing video, which the Houston mother posted to her own Facebook page, quickly caught the attention of millions on social media, including, as KPRC reports, local law enforcement.

In the video, the terrified young boy — who reportedly picked Trump in his school’s mock election — is seen bawling and screaming as his mother berates him for supporting the president-elect…

“Since you voted for Donald Trump, you get your s**t and get out…

 We don’t do Donald Trump here. Now get your suitcase. Bye.”

…As the footage spread, many were disgusted by what they had seen, including those calling for local authorities to step in…

According to KHOU, both the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office and Child Protective Services have launched an investigation into the mother’s actions, noting:

“Detectives say the woman told them she was just trying to make a joke.

Detectives say as disturbing as the video is, there is no evidence of any criminal wrongdoing.”

That’s total bull. This woman abused her son by locking him out of her house, mocking him for sharing his thoughts, recording and posting it to Facebook.  This is a deliberate act of abuse and cruelty, especially toward a young child who does not understand that it was a “joke.”

Source: IJR

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