Proud American Girls Wear MAGA Hats To Black College—Liberal Snowflake Response Is Going Viral

Every day we are learning just how ignorant, hateful, and downright un-American the left has become.

They no longer believe in freedom of speech or thought. Either you support their narrow, evil agenda, or they will hate you.

That is just what a few young girls learned when they visited a college. An American college.

From Daily Wire:

Teenage girls visiting Washington, D.C. on a school trip over the weekend say they were threatened when they sat down to lunch with their group in the cafeteria at Howard University, a historically black college. The girls were sporting pro-Trump gear — tee shirts and iconic “MAGA” hats, but didn’t think to remove the items because, because, well, this is America — but the students simply couldn’t handle their political expression.

According to several online accounts, social media posts, and official remarks from Howard University, the two girls’ attire triggered Howard students from the moment they entered the university dining hall. The two teens say Howard students called them names, hurled profanities, and filmed them, until a supervisor from the girls’ group ushered them out of the cafeteria.

One of the females targeted by Howard students, 16-year-old Allie Vandee, posted about the experience on Twitter. Vandee claims her friend Sarah had her MAGA hat stolen right off her head upon entering the dining hall, that the girls were called “racist” and cursed at by Howard students, and that they were eventually advised to leave the venue by the supervisors to “keep the peace…”

Social media users also viciously attacked the girls, often advocating violence, for daring to enter the dining hall with such attire.

The school itself displayed a shocking lack of support for free speech in saying: “we will never compromise our values or allow others to convince us to do so.” That’s code for: we don’t want you to tell us something we don’t like.

Those girls were just wearing hats and shirts. That was enough to trigger these pathetic, weak, and ignorant people. Even the school was too stuck up and arrogant to admit that they were in the wrong.

Once upon a time, a school would have reprimanded students for behaving so atrociously. They would have wanted visitors to think that their school was welcoming to people of all beliefs and ideas. You got to keep that enrollment up, after all.

Yet apparently Howard University is a den of hateful, un-American liberals, who would rather drive students away than welcome them. These pathetic cowards do not embrace or embody the American spirit. They are enemies of our freedom and beliefs.

If you have children thinking about college, or are thinking about college yourself, be sure to give your school the MAGA test. Make sure they aren’t as pathetic as Howard University.

Source: Daily Wire

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