Purge: Another Clinton Enemy Found Dead – Crucial Investigation Cut Short

There has always been controversy surrounding Hillary Clinton and her email scandal.

Whenever someone tries to get to the bottom of why she deleted 30,000 of her emails, they get blocked.

Yet Americans still want to know the truth, which is why leaders continue trying to get answers.

Time and again, however, those people mysteriously disappear. Or worse, die suddenly.

From Daily Wire:

Just days after talking with The Wall Street Journal about his attempts to obtain Hillary Clinton’s 30,000+ missing emails from Russian hackers, Republican operative Peter W. Smith committed suicide. Despite the suspicious timing, evidence found by police indicates that Smith took his own life because of his failing health…

“In mid-May, in a room at a Rochester hotel used almost exclusively by Mayo Clinic patients and relatives, Peter W. Smith, 81, left a carefully prepared file of documents, including a statement police called a suicide note in which he said he was in ill health and a life insurance policy was expiring…”

Smith’s death occurred a little over a week after he gave the interview. The Journal’s lead reporter on Smith initially reported that while the details surrounding his death were unclear, it appeared he had died of natural causes. But as the Tribune revealed Thursday, Smith’s state death record says he killed himself. Smith was “​found with a bag over his head with a source of helium attached,” the paper reports…

In his talks with the Journal, Smith said he had organized a team to try to track down the thousands of emails deleted by Clinton, which he believed to be in the possession of Russian hackers. He had performed similar oppo research on Democrats in the past, including on “Troopergate,” which targeted Clinton’s husband. Smith stressed that he was working on his own volition, not at the behest of the Trump campaign.

If you are noticing a terrifying pattern, you’re not crazy. Frequently people who go after the Clinton’s over their rampant corruption end up dead. Either they are murdered in a random act of violence, or for some reason commit suicide. Just after they make progress exposing the Clinton’s.

A shocking allegation, I know. But this happens far too often to be a coincidence.

Why did Smith arrange to commit suicide, after giving this interview and working on uncovering Hillary’s emails? You’d think he wouldn’t bother with that work—if he was planning on killing himself.

Now, we don’t know all the facts. Considering the reports by police and the ME, we might never know what really happened.

But the fact remains that the body count connected with the Clinton’s continues to rise. One of these days, we’ll know the truth.

Source: Daily Wire

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