RACIST? Trump Made HISTORY With THIS Woman Leading The Way!

The media have tried everything to undermine Donald Trump.

Though, nothing has worked, as they continue their dishonest, evil and unprofessional stance that the next president is a sexist, racist homophobe.

We know every argument they’ve used against Trump has been a lie, as he’s defended the gay community when 50 were murdered by a terrorist in Orland, and he employs people of all races, including Hispanics and African Americans.

Sexist? Well that one is laughable. His daughter serves as a top executive at a Trump company. And that’s not to mention the many women who work closely with his company and campaign.

From The Political Insider:

Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, just pulled off a political miracle, beating the odds to help her candidate defeat Hillary Clinton.

While Trump’s victory is historic, Conway herself broke history, becoming the first female campaign manager to win a presidential campaign. Despite the historic nature of Conway’s accomplishment, the liberal media refuses to acknowledge this feat!

Do you really think a sexist would depend on the insight, leadership and skills of Kellyanne Conway? Do you think someone who hates or abuses women would get her enthusiastic and effective support?

Of course not.

All the liberals had was an outdated 11-year old audio recording. Something that does not reflect the man today, which is why they lost so spectacularly.

Source: The Political Insider

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