Media FREAKS Out…Trump Drawing MASSIVE Support From 1 Group We Were Told HATES Him!

Each time the media declares the “death” of Trump’s campaign, he and his supporters bounce back, turning each “setback” as a positive.

In one hilarious instance, Trump’s Latino fans — a group the Left insists can’t possibly be real — came together over the weekend to show their support for the Republican nominee:

A group called “Latinos for Trump” held its first rally in Orange County on Sunday, named “Operation Taco Bowl” after an infamous Donald Trump tweet. Hispanics and African-Americans joined other Trump supporters in voicing both their support for the Republican presidential nominee and their opposition to the Democratic Party and its nominee, Hillary Clinton.

“The Democrats think they can own and acquire Hispanics’ loyalty for generations to come,” Jorge Herrera, 31, said into a microphone at a podium in front of Anaheim City Hall, where dozens of Trump supporters had gathered for the rally. “Who do they think they are? They will never own my loyalty. They will never own Hispanics’ loyalty.”

The rally was small but this movement is new, and as one of the organizers told Breitbart, Hispanic Trump supporters are going up against generations of “progressive” brainwashing.

The event was actually more genuinely diverse and multicultural than small minded Democrats might expect, with African-American and white speakers sharing the podium.

It was also marked with touches of humor, such as “a life-size Hillary dolls dressed in various costumes, including a hospital gown.”

In that “infamous” Cinco De Mayo tweet, Trump wrote, “I love Hispanics!” On Sunday, a number of them showed him that the feeling was mutual.

Source: Breitbart

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