Rapist Attacks Woman At Night, What She Did Next Has Been Shared By 110,000 People

“Evil is a confession of inadequacy” 
― Stefan Molyneux

What could make a man commit what is, arguably, the most evil act a man can perpetrate on a woman?

If it truly is inadequacy, then Jonathan Holmes embodies it. He jumped on a woman on the streets of Sheffield, England in November of 2014, but was in for a surprise.

What the woman did to him when he attacked has been shared on Huffington Post over 110,000 times!

The woman drove him back leaving his face so swollen you can hardly see his eyes in his mug shot. Gashes cover his face from the woman’s highly adequate defense.

I want to make sure you all see his face, since evil should be exposed to the light wherever it lurks:

Jonathan Holmes - Would-be Rapist

Johnathon Holmes, 35, peers out of two swollen eyes after being pummeled by a woman while attempting to rape her. (South Yorkshire Police Photo)

The Huffington Post published a description of the attack based on the victim’s testimony:

As Holmes forced her on her back and climbed on top of her, he told her, “you are going to enjoy this,” she said.

He then thrust his tongue into her mouth, and she chomped down on it as hard as she could. When he relaxed his grip she maneuvered herself on top of him and, with her keys pressed to his neck, continued screaming for help, she told the court.

Despite this gruesome account the story ends well. Other than the horrific memories, the victim escaped unharmed. She realized she was being followed and was able to get her car keys out as a weapon. Her cries also attracted the attention of a couple passers-by which drove Holmes to flee.

According to The Sheffield Star the “almost” victim said, “He won’t do anything like this to a woman again”.

This is a shining example of preparedness and of good people defeating evil. Always be ready to do what’s needed to help others, and yourself!

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