Ray Lewis Just Dropped Some Serious TRUTH…Black Lives Matters Hardest Hit – BAM! [WATCH]

In light of the recent tensions between black protestors and white police officers, we’ve seen how destructive the movement Black Lives Matter has become. Despite what they claim to be about, they are on the forefront of a new segregation movement, one that aims to tear apart decades of progress in this country.

Because of BLM, a sniper opened fire in Dallas, TX harming a dozen officers. This only further incited irrational protests across the country. The leaders of the BLM seem determined to turn black Americans against white Americans and law enforcement, despite the facts. It’s become so bad, a petition to the White House was made to formally recognize BLM as a terrorist organization. It passed with over 120,000 signatures.

The real irony is that this so-called movement ignores real crimes against black lives. While the occasional bad police officer wrongfully shoots and unarmed black man, hundreds of black Americans are killed every month by black criminals. The real threat to black lives in America are not the hard-working law enforcement agents, but black people who have no respect for their neighbors.

Black Lives Matters continues to ignore this, because their goal is not racial harmony, but political power through anarchy.

But don’t take my word for it. Listen to the impassioned plea of Baltimore Ravens’ own Ray Lewis. So trouble with what he has been seeing across the country, he made a video decrying the injustice of BLM. He is passionate and emotional in the video, but he backs everything he says with facts, something BLM and other liberals refuse to do.

Watch the full video and be sure to share it with your friends and family. This is something we all need to take to heart.

Source: YouTube

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