Ronald Reagan’s Son Just Did A 180 On Trump…Makes SHOCKING Announcement!

Another day, another Republican suddenly changes his tune. This fellow’s last name, however, means his comments will get more attention than usual.

As Trump enjoys a post-convention bump in popularity, and even liberal forecasters are predicting he’ll win in November, some conservative holdouts are not backing down from their #NeverTrump position while others are jumping on the Trump Train.

Conservative Tribune reports that one particularly notable Republican is trashing the liberal talking point that Trump’s speech was “dark”:

Michael Reagan, political commentator and son of former President Ronald Reagan, argued Trump’s speech was not “dark” because he “basically hit all the buttons of all the problems that we face today in America.”

“If they consider that ‘dark,’ it’s only dark because the national media refuses to in fact go out and tell these groups of people the failures of government in their lives, even though they promised them everything but the moon.”

Reagan also said that what Trump needs to do now is “convince people outside of Cleveland, outside of that convention that he in fact can solve the problems he discussed in his speech.”

The former president’s son added that he planned to vote for Trump, despite having been critical of the candidate in the past.

Whether or not Michael Reagan is being sincere or opportunistic is impossible to know. Expect to see more of these changes of heart from GOP elites as the campaign continues.

Credit: Conservative Tribune

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