WHOA! Reality Star Sets Internet On Fire With THESE 11 WORDS About Presidential Race

phil-robertsonPhil Robertson, patriarch of the famous Duck Dynasty show and business, has a reputation for making waves.

He doesn’t shy away from stating his opinion, even if it means upsetting many.  And although most Americans should be proud of such behavior, despite their own views, Robertson still finds ways of upsetting the apple cart.

At a recent NASCAR event, Robertson was invited to open it with prayer.

NASCAR is known for having notables mark the opening of their events, much like other sports, but their unique in that they’re allowed to start with a prayer.

Robertson began with words that aren’t too strange, thanking God for America,

“We got her via guns and the Bible… to the One who made that happen

I pray Father that we don’t forget who brought us – You – our faith in the blood of Jesus and his resurrection. Help us, Father, to get back to that.”

Then he said something that simply sent the trigger-happy Twitterverse on fire:

I pray, Father, that we put a ‘Jesus-man’ in the White House. Help us do that, help us to do what’s right, to love You more, and to love each other.” 

Whoa, whoa, whoa! A “Jesus-man”?  He mentioned Jesus in a prayer!? Well, the peanut gallery couldn’t stay silent over that.

Many agreed with Robertson’s sentiment, going to Twitter to chime in. But there were plenty who couldn’t get over a religious man praying about Jesus, at an event visited by religiously-minded people.

There were messages calling Robertson’s own beliefs into question, messages trying to reconcile his statements with the current Presidential front-runners, and of course, there were tweets that completely missed the point.

Are people really surprised that Robertson would want a fellow Christian to be elected President? This was a NASCAR event after all, few people in attendance would disagree. And considering Robertson has openly endorsed Ted Cruz, his prayer was much more unbiased than I would expect.

You can form your own opinion after watching the video yourself.

Source: Independant Journal

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