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You Won’t Believe What Refugees Just Did After Liberals Block Trump Ban…Americans Are FURIOUS!
By Kay Johnson|March 28, 2017

Obama’s goons in the judicial branch have been trying to block Trump’s travel ban again and again, prioritizing high risk immigrants over American citizens.

The well founded concern Republicans have for limiting immigration in the current political climate is being spun by the Democrats as proof that we are less compassionate than they are.

No liberals, it’s because we don’t want to become Europe and face a terrorist attack from radical Muslims every month.

What kind of country is this when American citizens face more harassment from the state than illegal immigrants? The judicial branch is endangering lives with their disregard for our national security.

From Louder with Crowder:

Due to these troubles in court, President Trump has not been able to effectively carry out his campaign promise to stop refugee resettlement. Since he took office, 8,476 refugees have been resettled in the U.S., according to the Refugee Processing Center. More specifically, 1,131 Syrian refugees have resettled in the country during this time. This is nearly three times the number of Syrian refugees, 395, that were resettled in the same period last year under President Obama.

Of particular concern are the Syrian refugees, as Assad has stated that some of them are definitely terrorists.

It is completely irresponsible for the judges blocking the travel ban to allow Muslim immigrants to swarm our borders, especially since the judges are only doing this out of spite for the Trump administration.

Where were these judges when Obama halted immigration from Iraq for six months in 2011?

Forgive me for not taking this sudden concern for immigrant’s feelings seriously when none of these judges cared when Obama blocked them from coming here.

There are dark forces at work to harm Trump’s presidency, and with it the American people.

Source: Louder with Crowder

Kay Johnson
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