Republicans Add Genius Provision To Tax Bill, But Global Warming Alarmists Are Enraged

Momentum is growing for the republican tax bill. Yesterday word broke that Sen. John McCain would vote for the massive tax cut. More and more republican support is growing for the history legislation.

The law is already shaping up to be a winner. There is some controversy over certain parts. But lawmakers are improving the bill each day.

Now a new provision is sure to make Americans cheer. It will boost our energy independence. It will also bring millions—if not billions—into our economy.

Another great thing? It will piss off environmentalists. Win-win.

From The Maven:

Senate Republicans have added a provision to their tax plan that would open up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) to oil drilling. The left is going apoplectic, but this is really a payoff to ensure Alaska’s senators support the tax bill. It is also good public policy. The United States is increasingly energy independent and cannot be shaken down by Venezuela or Iran over oil prices. ANWR will open up further oil and natural gas reserves.

Environmentalists and other leftwing groups will complain, but remember one fact. If ANWR with all is wild beauty were the size of a football field, the drilling space for ANWR would be the equivalent of a postage stamp on that football field. It would be very small. But that small footprint will boost our energy independence and make us less susceptible to OPEC and third world kleptocratic shakedowns.

Reread the last few sentences above. The first thing liberals will say this that the drilling with destroy ANWAR. Not true. The area affected will be infinitesimal. The vast reaches of that beautiful state will be untouched.

But the benefits of drilling are obvious. We will tap into massive reserves of needed oil. It will increase energy production for the United States. It will make us independent of terrorist-backing nations like Iran.

You have to wonder why the government refused drilling for so long. I mean, we have the oil! Yet Obama and dummies on the left held it up. Why? Responsible drilling exists. We can both protect the environment and help our economy. It seems liberals were all but willing to weaken the country.

Considering how Obama helped Iran time and again, I’m not surprised.

Source: The Maven

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