Republican Senator Goes ROGUE…Tries To Sabotage Obamacare Repeal!

With the Senate voting on the budget resolution this Thursday, they took major steps in repealing the monster that is Obamacare.

The vote paves the way for greater measures when Trump takes office, allowing the government to replace the failed Affordable Care Act with something the doesn’t punish American citizens.

While Democrats fiercely opposed the resolution, the vast majority of Republicans supported it. Their majority in the Senate was the deciding factor and will be for many issues to come.

However, there was one Republican oddly opposed to the resolution.

From Breitbart:

All Republicans, except for Sen. Rand Paul (R.-KY), voted for the resolution. Paul criticized the budget resolution for not addressing the federal debt and for not having a companion replacement bill. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D.-CA), who is recovering from a scheduled medical procedure was absent from the chamber.

As senators waited for their names to be called by the clerk, Paul approached the clerk’s desk from side and whispered: “No.”

One has to question why Paul was so against this crucial step in eliminating Obamacare. Even longtime Obama supporters–many of whom voted for Trump–have expressed frustration over the program. Yet Paul used a thinly-veiled excuse to why he voted no.

Perhaps he is still bitter over his loss during the primaries. While you could argue he never had a good shot at the nomination, his prospects all but vanished once Trump entered the ring. Maybe, like McCain, he is planning to oppose the next President, simply out of spite.

It’s pretty telling that he had to tip-toe to the clerk’s desk and whisper his vote. In an age where GOP majority will dominate Washington, he will by no means be popular for opposing their agenda.

Perhaps he should rethink his stance. Otherwise, he’ll be better suited on the other side of the aisle.

Source: Breitbart

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