Republicans Just Sent Roy Moore ‘Something’ That Will Decide The Alabama Race

The special election to fill Jeff Session’s Senate seat is one week away. And boy has this race been a doozy!

At one point it looked like Judge Roy Moore was a shoe in. The beloved judge was revered in Alabama. He was running against a far-left liberal. There was no way he wasn’t winning.

Then a torrent of accusations came out aimed at destroying his reputation. Women accused him of decades-old assaults. All unverified and dubious. Things looked bad for the judge. The GOP’s support became murky.

In recent weeks, things have changed. A surge of support has come out in favor of Moore.

And it seems like Republicans are flipping their script.

From The Right Scoop:

The RNC must have seen some favorable polling because they have reversed course and are now supporting Moore again.

From the Daily Beast:

The Republican National Committee is jumping back into the Alabama Senate election on behalf of Roy Moore, an RNC official confirmed to The Daily Beast. The news was first reported by Breitbart. The decision by the committee to put money and staff behind the Moore campaign comes hours after President Donald Trump formally endorsed the Senate candidate, who has been accused by multiple women of having sexually preyed on them when they were teenagers. A party committee normally follows the directives of its leader. But the RNC’s decision signals a remarkable reversal for the committee.

It looked like the RNC was going to abandon Moore. The accusations got huge press. Yet leaders in the party did little to back their own man. It took eagle-eyed users on social media to prove the allegations against Moore were false.

Alabama citizens refused to believe the accusations. They have known Moore for decades. His reputation speaks for itself. When they realized he was being attacked over politics, they vowed to back him. That alone forced the rest of the party to man up and do the same.

This comes after President Trump spoke about the issue. A week ago, he questioned the accusations. He pointed to Moore’s long record. More recently he’s tweeted about the race. He’s made it clear that his opponent is bad for America.

Once again President Trump saves the day after established republicans drop the ball. It’s a story we are all too familiar with.

Source: The Right Scoop

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