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Trump & Republicans Set About Slashing Big Government…Liberals Are In Full Meltdown!
By Cheryl Chumley|November 26, 2016

The left-leaning media are always try to spark populist divisions among the masses, using entitlement and tax-paid programs to make it seem as if money-conscious Republicans hoping for cuts are heartless and spendthrift Democrats are compassionate.

Think of the fights over Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, and how the right always takes heat for trying to rein in spending or push the programs into a more free market system.

Well, here’s the latest punch from the left, by way of a piece in the Huffington Post, that basically says: The GOP is coming for your Medicare.

Here’s the opening line from writer Nancy Altman, who’s a founding co-director of Social Security Works: “This Thanksgiving, which I give thanks for my Medicare, Speaker Paul Ryan and his Republican Congress are actively plotting to dismantle it.”

First off, who gives thanks on Thanksgiving to a government program – instead of using the holiday as it was intended and created, as a time to focus on God’s graciousness for the nation, and on the many blessings that come from above, as well as on the warmth and love of family and friends?

And second: Only the far left would present attempts to streamline and cut waste as a total dismantling.

But this is where Altman’s view comes from: Franklin Delano Roosevelt, one of the most progressive-minded leaders of our nation, is a president to be admired and copied.

“Franklin Roosevelt supported universal, government-provided health insurance – in essence, Medicare-For-All,” she wrote glowingly. “But today’s Republicans are not just threatening to end Obamacare. … [Ryan] is plotting to end government-provided health insurance and force those with Medicare to buy insurance on the private market, with only subsidies to offset the cost of what the private sector wants to charge.”

And then here comes the big scare: If the GOP’s successful, then those used to the government providing for them will have to – gasp! – provide for themselves.

Altman writes: “If the Republicans succeed, I and my fellow Medicare policy holders will be on our own, forced to negotiate on our own with for-profit companies, rather than enjoy the protections of our government. Thanks, but no thanks.”

Source: The Huffington Post

Cheryl Chumley
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