Whoa: Republicans Tried To BETRAY Trump…But He Just Shut Them DOWN!

While conservatives are celebrating the imminent installation of Donald Trump as the next President of the United States, we need to remember how much work needs to be done.

Trump won over millions of Americans because of his promise to clear up Washington. After years of corrupt politics and insider games, voters were clamoring for change. They wanted an outsider, with nerves of steel, to drain the swamp.

Already we’ve seen Trump take a strong stance against lobbyist, Congressional term limits, and companies sending jobs overseas. Even though he’s yet to take office, we are seeing change come.

We have to remember that clearing up Washington doesn’t just affect Democrats. Republicans have to reform as well.

From Huffington Post:

After a torrent of bad headlines, countless phone calls to member offices, and two tweets from President-elect Donald Trump, House Republicans dropped their plans to gut the Office of Congressional Ethics Tuesday, just minutes before the House was set to gavel in for the 115th Congress and adopt their rules package for the next two years.

The amendment ― authored by Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) ― would have placed the independent congressional ethics office under the oversight of the House Ethics Committee, changed the OCE’s name and barred the office from releasing reports to the public. In effect, it would have neutered Congress’ most aggressive watchdog.

Never forget that some of Trump’s strongest critics were fellow Republicans. This wasn’t because Trump violated conservative values, but because he was poised to destroy the toxic environment that’s existed in D.C. for so long.

Liberals and conservatives have run rough shot over Americans, putting their own interests and the interests of lobbyist before our own. In confronting House Republicans over their attempts at destroying OCE, he is showing he will favor nobody as President.

Just look how effective TWO tweets from the man were. Before he even takes office, he has the authority to sway policy and prevent bad amendments from going through.

Imagine how much of an impact he will make when he takes office.

Source: HuffPo

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