JUST IN: Bill Clinton Confesses To Foundation Corruption! Reveals Hidden Role Was To…

Liberals see them as the generous ones, creating foundations to funnel their money through while claiming to help so many.  Sometimes that’s really the case.

This is not one of those times.

All throughout their personal and political careers, the Clinton’s have tried to project an image of sympathy, concern and a willingness to reach out to the “huddled masses” and give them a helping hand.

Breitbart reports that now we have Bill Clinton, AKA Slick Willy, claiming he’s a modern day Robin Hood. And the Clinton Foundation, I guess, would be his “band of Merry Men.”

Former President Bill Clinton declares he was a heroic figure at the Clinton Foundation, taking money from wealthy people and redistributing to the poor.

Clinton defended his work at the Clinton Foundation during a speech in Ohio, calling the notion that it was corrupt was “really funny.”

Charlie Spiering, in his Breitbart article, quotes Bill Clinton:

“Here is what I did, I was sort of Robin Hood, except I didn’t rob anybody,” Clinton said. “I just asked people with money to give it to people who didn’t have money and we tried to use it in America and around the world to save jobs, to create jobs and to save lives.”

There are a few people in Haiti who would like to discuss some things with the Clintons about that so called “help” and “aid” they were expecting to receive from the Clinton Foundation that never materialized after a 7.0 magnitude earthquake devastated many areas of the country back in 2010! It has been postulated that a sizable portion of that aid was diverted back to the Clinton’s private bank accounts and with all the other scandals we’ve been hearing about lately.  Are you surprised—at all? Didn’t think so.

Source: Breitbart




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