REVEALED: Obama Admits HUGE Regret Of His Presidency…Liberals Are FURIOUS!

With Mr. Obama’s presidency coming to a close, journalists and pundits are looking back on his eight years in office in search of what might be considered the high and low points of his administration – what his greatest policy successes and failures were.  It has to be a dismal project.

To demonstrate the frustration one must experience in taking on such a project, consider that some of his greatest accomplishments might have been the things he did not do.  He did not start a nuclear war with Russia, or anyone else.  He did not eradicate the Christian Faith from America. And he did not disarm American citizens.  That’s the sort of stuff that can cause one to be thankful.

Of course, Mr. Obama does not see the firearms issue in the same way we do.  No doubt he does not relish the title of “The Greatest Firearms Salesman Ever,” an informal title he earned by frightening Americans out of their wits over what he might do to obliterate the Second Amendment.  It’s one title he probably does deserve.

In a CNN documentary entitled “The Legacy of Barack Obama,” he revealed that, “If you ask me where has been the one area where I feel that I’ve been most frustrated and most stymied, it is the fact that the United States of America is the one advanced nation on Earth in which we do not have sufficient common sense gun safety laws…” 

Note the insertion of the word “safety” into that sentence.  That was no accident, as it was designed to move the discussion away from the concept of gun control to the concept of safety.  Nice try, Mr. Obama, but we’re not fooled.

He didn’t fool the gang at the Conservative Tribune either who observed that, “[t]he argument could be made that what the president referred to as ‘common sense gun safety laws’ were in reality draconian rules and regulations that would have drastically undermined the Second Amendment.”  Bingo.

So Mr. Obama was reduced to piece-meal, incremental efforts to create problems for legal gun-owners.  None of them were very effective, just like his overall presidency.  We must be thankful for small mercies.

The journalistic gymnastics that will be necessary to create a positive legacy for Mr. Obama will be something to behold.  He has given historians an almost insurmountable task.  About the best they will be able to come up with concerning the gun control agenda will be, “he tried.”  Once again, something for which to be thankful.

Source:  Conservative Tribune

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