BREAKING: Democrats Throwing Desperate Hail Mary To Stop Trump! Could It Work?

This year, many Americans feared that the election results would be so close that it would lead to another situation like the one experienced in 2000.

That’s when George W. Bush and Al Gore went to court to decide the outcome, and that in turn cast a pall on the Bush administration’s legitimacy that never fully lifted.

This time around, the left are trying a new tactic. The Daily Mail reports:

At least six Democratic electors have signed an agreement to try to block Donald Trump from securing the presidency with 270 Electoral College votes.

While it would be unlikely to convince 37 Republican electors to change their votes – the number needed to erase Trump’s lead among the 538 total electors – an unusually large number of ‘faithless electors’ who refuse to vote for Trump could undermine the institution itself. (…)

But some states like Arizona, Idaho, Michigan and Georgia don’t have a rule against electors going rogue, and phone calls from across the country have been pouring in to try to sway them against voting for Trump.

Put aside for the moment the questionable idea that Hillary Clinton even won the popular vote by almost 2 million ballots. (Imagine the voter fraud that accounts for that result…)

The liberals behind this effort either don’t understand the consequences of their actions, or don’t care. Imagine what would happen if they succeeded and Hillary Clinton was named president election instead of Donald Trump. Picture the chaos that would ensue.

America is already deeply divided and those divisions would simply grow.

Furthermore, a President Hillary Clinton would still face a Republican Congress who would be under enormous pressure to block every piece of Democratic legislation.

Once again we see leftists acting like spoiled children, throwing tantrums when they don’t get their way.

Source: Right Wing News

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