VIDEO: Vote Rigging In Wisconsin? Top Campaign Implicated In Anti-Trump Fraud

As more and more stories leak about shady exploits, you’d think the Presidential hopefuls would be trying to mend fences.  Not according to reports from Wisconsin.

There are multiple sources accusing this Republican of gaining votes during the primaries due to errors in the voting machines.

Apparently there were machines that would not allow a voter to choose Donald Trump.  According to journalist Bill Still, there were reports of voter fraud during the Wisconsin primary to the benefit of Ted Cruz.

Seeing as how Trump lost by a wide margin–a margin that differed wildly from the polls– those “errors” could amount to suspicious dealings.

But are there links to these reports of fraud and Ted Cruz?  Decide for yourself.

ETF New reports…

According to Bill Still, a Trump supporter and journalist, multiple accounts of voter fraud were recorded during the Wisconsin primary, fishy for sure considering that Trump lost by a margin far outweighing what any of the polls put forth the day before.

Here is his report…

Source: ETF News

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