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Riots, Flag-Burning, Hate-Fueled Posts. THIS Is How WE CAN BE BETTER Than Them!
By PJ Editor|November 9, 2016

The victory is ours, loud and clear. We won the House. We won Senate. And we took the crown with Trump heading to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Besides the obvious — reversal of Obamacare, protection of Second Amendment rights, a stronger fight for the unborn and so many other key issues, this office may have the choice of up to FOUR Supreme Court Justices.

Here’s the thing though, about 50% of our nation is reeling from a “loss”. That could have been us; so with that in mind, let’s be gracious. Let’s look at their vitriolic words and actions as a result of last night’s outcome, and do our best to move forward with dignity and respect and without partaking in any of the awful shenanigans that occurred as a result of last night’s outcome.

As The Sun reported:

Violence erupted across America this morning after Donald Trump’s shock election win – including outside the White House.

Pictures and footage emerged of furious protestors burning flags, rioters setting fire to rubbish and angrily confronting Trump supporters after it emerged the controversial Republican president-elect will soon hold the most powerful position in the world.

Riots also broke out in Oakland. As reported by their local Fox station:

Hours after Donald Trump became president-elect, spontaneous protests erupted early Wednesday in Oakland as demonstrators sought to block freeways in the city.

A protestor was struck by a vehicle on the eastbound lanes of Highway 24 …. We are hearing reports of broken windows and cars on fire.

A bit south of the riots, Hollywood began their negative spews, as Newsbusters explains:

Around 10 p.m., Hollywood stars began to panic. Hillary Clinton wasn’t as far ahead as they had expected her to be. In fact, the race was far from a landslide. Reflecting the anxiety of the Tinsel Town set, actress Mia Farrow re-tweeted a NYT poll showing that, as of 9:40 pm, Trump had a 55-percent chance of winning the election. As a comment on the tweet, she simply posted: “Xanax.”

Several celebrities indicated suffering physical symptoms. Funny or Die comedian and actor Billy Eichner posted: “Still feeling confident but about to throw up.” After tweeting “And Trump has closed a wide gap in North Carolina. Another shot, please,” Dan Savage commented “I’m going to puke.” Later in the evening, he intimated that death would come as sweet relief in the event of a Trump presidency. “Colorado approves assisted suicide,” he noted about an article from a local Colorado news outlet. “That’s going to come in handy.”

Model Emily Ratajkowski tweeted “Ok I’m getting really nervous,” while Khloe Kardashian expressed her view that “it shouldn’t be this close.” Singer Mandy Moore was flummoxed. “I am absolutely beside myself right now. I can’t believe the way this thing has turned. Trying to remain hopeful but geez louise.”

We were ready for change. For some ungodly reason, they weren’t. We didn’t want to be under the thumb of a huge, meddling government. They didn’t. We wanted to escape the corruption of a long-time political family. They didn’t mind that. We were tired of being told by the media how things will be. They loved that.

Being able to lobby and fight for what we find right is the beauty of this now forward-moving country. Let’s hold our heads high, fight with purpose and dignity, and not stoop to the level of anyone fighting what they deem as hate with more hate.

We’ve been waiting eight years for this, so let’s shine! Shine bright and intelligently!

Source: The Sun

PJ Editor
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