Rosie O’Donnell Drops Bombshell On Trump…Announces PSYCHOTIC Deadline!

Since the Electoral College denied the sad and desperate pleas of defeat liberals and confirmed Donald Trump’s victory to the White House, the major brunt of the attack on the election is over.

The angry democrats who refused to accept November 8’s results have all but disappeared, seeing as how they cannot change the fact that Trump won by an electoral landslide.

The protests are over, the embarrassing videos with old celebrities are over. Only a few pathetic stragglers—like Michael Moore—are still trying to undermine Trump’s incoming administration.

One pathetic, sad, and irrelevant straggler comes in the form of Rosie O’Donnell.

From Breitbart:

Rosie O’Donnell kicked off the New Year much the same way she ended the old one — by attacking Donald Trump on social media.

The actress shared a message on Sunday to her 900,000-plus Twitter followers informing them that they have “less than 3 weeks to stop” the President-elect.

“Donald Trump is mentally unstable,” O’Donnell wrote on Twitter, linking to a CNN report about a Trump biographer who says the President-elect had him escorted from a Trump-owned Florida golf course on Friday.

What does Rosie think she can do to “stop” Trump? You had a year and a half to stop him, by voting for Hillary. America has spoken and Trump will be our next president. What does Rosie think is going to happen? Her measly 900k followers are going to storm the Inauguration and demand Trump step down?

Not going to happen.

And let’s look at the CNN article she linked. Trump kicked a biographer from his golf course. A biographer, mind you, who wrote a book falsely accusing Trump of assault his ex-wife. Something she strongly denied during the election, going on to endorse Trump.

If I were Trump, I’d kick a man like that off my golf course.  I’d probably do more.

This is the last vestiges of the ridiculous liberal backlash over Trump’s win. For months Americans had to suffering through the left’s temper tantrum. They know their toxic liberal paradise is over. Now we are moving forward into the future, with a leader who actually cares about this country.

Let Rosie wallow in the past. She belongs there.

Source: Breitbart

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