Rosie O’Donnell Just Dropped A SICK Bombshell On Donald…TOTALLY Embarrasses Herself!

Donald Trump and TV personality Rosie O’Donnell have clashed frequently over the years. Going back at least a decade, both have expressed their dislike with the other.

It’s an odd and ongoing feud, one that was started up again–mostly by Rosie–during the 2016 election. Rosie was outspoken against the man, using social media and television to express her disgust of him.

Since winning the election, Rosie hasn’t done much to apologize or back down. The celebrity has even set her sights on the Trump family, to either denigrate or promote her own agenda.

From IJR:

YouTube user James Hunter posted a video of Barron Trump fidgeting with the title, “Is Barron Trump Autistic? #StopTheBullying.” O’Donnell tweeted the video. [The tweet and video have since been removed.]

People were quick to call her out for using a 10-year-old as ammo in her feud with Donald Trump. Rosie defended herself, saying her feelings towards Donald Trump had nothing to do with her tweet.

Rosie claimed that she was only trying to raise awareness of autism and hoped that the future president would make it a priority during his leadership.

But dragging a 10 year old boy into an ongoing feud is tasteless. While Barron Trump will understandably be in the limelight because of his father, he deserves the same kind of privacy any child should enjoy.

Someone at that age doesn’t need the media commenting on his behavior on a video. And he doesn’t need strangers speculating over his heath because he was fidgeting on camera.

Rosie’s attempt to “bring attention” to the autism epidemic cannot be separated from her ongoing attacks on Barron’s father. Why drag him into the conservation? Are there not numerous other ways to educate people, including the future President, on this issue without embarrassing and exposing a young boy?

It’s hard to look at this as anything but another attack by Rosie. She may be sincere in wanting to get people to understand autism and bring attention to the problem. But using the son of a man she has a history feuding with is poor judgment and taste.

She should find other ways to discuss the issue, bottom line.

Source: IJR

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