In 2 Weeks, Roy Moore Will Be A Senator – Here’s Why All The Cynics Are Wrong

The Alabama Senate race has captured the minds of millions of Americans. This special election has received intense scrutiny after republican candidate, Roy Moore, was accused of misconduct.

Several women accused the man of sexual advances decades ago. Despite the accusations, Moore denies anything wrong occurred. Eagle-eyed people have pointed to serious problems with the so-called evidence. It seems the accusations were merely a political stunt to destroy his campaign.

Now critics are weighing in on the race. They are predicting Moore will be the next Senator of Alabama.

From The Maven:

We’re just under three weeks away from Alabama’s special election, and Roy Moore, against most predictions (including my own) is still leading the polls. The polls with the largest likely-voter samples have consistently showed Moore leading and beating or matching the margin of error…

He’s running against a typical Democrat, Doug Jones. By “typical” I mean passing all the Democrat litmus tests: pro-choice, pro-big-government, pro-identity politics. And President Trump has finally, carefully, weighed in…

Remember, in order for Moore to lose, Jones has to win. And the voters don’t want Jones.

An excellent piece in Politico by Stan Brand reminds us that the Senate’s authority, though almost completely autonomous regarding its own members, is still constrained by the Constitution. The Senate must seat Moore because the Constitution sets forth the qualifications for office, which Moore meets…

No senator has been successfully expelled since 1862, and that was for supporting the Confederacy. Senators have been subject to votes for expulsion, but have either resigned first, their terms have ended, or they have survived the attempt. Expelling a senator for allegations outside of a courtroom, not subject to rules of evidence, from four decades ago that occurred well before the member was elected is a long shot.

The more we learn about the scandal surrounding Moore, the more it sounds like a political stunt. The left was trying to prop up a liberal candidate. Jones simply cannot win in a conservative state.

Instead of finding a better fit, they created this hit job to destroy Moore.

It looks like the people of Alabama aren’t fooled. People will surge to vote for Moore. They will strike back against liberals who think they can steal this election. Like so many other cases, this will backfire against the left.

The Senate will have to seat him. The Constitution demands it. The Senate will be too cowardly do anything else. Especially after seeing the will of the people. Remember, most insider politicians are wimps. They won’t try to undo the results of a fair election.

Source: The Maven

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