WHOA: Rudy Giuliani Goes BALLISTIC! Here’s What Liberals Said That Made Him SO ANGRY…

If you need any more proof that the idiotic Democrats are unfit for leadership, you need to see this story. They appear blissfully unaware of the times we are living in. Make no mistake, we are living in a dangerous world. A world made more dangerous by Obama’s poor handling of the Middle East and Islamic terror.

At a time when America needs to unite against this real and present threat, the liberals are pushing a tired, outdated anti-war agenda. These young, uninformed Democrats think they are living in the 1960’s, when protesting the war in Vietnam was fashionable and could possibly get you a date. Today we are faced with an unprecedented threat against our way of life and these idiots deny it.

Maybe they’ll only see the light when they’re a knife at their own throat.

Via Yes I’m Right:

Here are the facts. ISIS is the single greatest foreign threat to American lives. Terrorism is at our door and Islamic terrorists are murdering innocent civilians around the world daily. They are at war with our way of life so how a sizable amount of the population thinks we shouldn’t be at war with them is beyond comprehension. Those people, surprise surprise, are Democrats and made a ruckus by chanting “No More War” at the DNC when an ex-Republican was speaking about national security.

After watching these loud-mouthed hippies shout “No More War,” as a speaker discussed the threat of terrorism, Rudy Giuliani had to speak. He didn’t mince words about what he thought of these ignorant Democrats. Their callous and foolish attitudes prove how false the liberal ideology is.

Check out the video and share your thoughts on the matter. Do you agree with Giuliani? What should America do to bring an end to Islamic terror?

Source: Yes I’m Right

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