Rush Limbaugh Drops A BOMBSHELL On Trump’s Latest Plans…Conservatives Are STUNNED!

One of the biggest promises Trump made during the campaign was to rebuild America’s failing infrastructure.  He made it a special point in his speeches, particularly to people in areas suffering from crumbling roads and bridges, third-world airports, and dismal cities.

In truth, many of our cities are in ruins. Obama has wasted trillions on frivolous spending for social programs that created massive burdens on our economy. He dumped billions into government agencies which then wasted the money over the course of the last eight years. That has resulted in infrastructure that hasn’t been updated, in many cases, since the 1950’s.

Trump won over many Americans with his promise to rebuild America. But now that he’s poised to set his agenda, there are some conservatives balking over the potential federal spending.

From Rush Limbaugh (via Hot Air):

There hasn’t been any upgrading [under Obama’s 2009 stimulus]. There hasn’t been any modernizing whatsoever, ’cause that’s not where Obama put the money. Now, if Trump actually follows through on this trillion dollars to modernize airports, you’re gonna have conservative arguments against it claiming this is not how it works. This is still federal spending, it’s still budget busting, it’s still massively expanding the government.

However, there will be tangible results that will result in improved and modernized airports which will make them more economically booming…

FDR doing all this stuff gave the Democrat Party a 50-year guaranteed majority. Well, that was his dream. It didn’t actually work out to 50 years, but he made the Democrat Party a majority party. Remember, Trump’s not a conservative. So small government, less government, that’s not how he sees things. And I’ve tried to tell people this from the beginning of the campaign.

The next four years will bring no end of bellyaching from so-called conservatives and many who are still distrustful of Donald Trump. He’s never claimed to be a traditional conservative, only an outsider that would end the corruption both liberals and conservatives have been a party to for decades.

Government spending is necessary, but only in ways that will rebuild our country and create jobs. For years liberal leaders have wasted taxpayer dollars on programs that aim to make us dependent on the government for support–like Welfare, housing, and Obamacare.

Instead the government should have been working to bring back jobs and strengthen our nation’s infrastructure; much like Eisenhower did in the 50’s.

Trump’s plan to rebuild American will attract more jobs, industry, and tourism to our country, plus it will make it easier for Americans to live in work in their cities. It won’t expand the size of our government, but put it to good use.

And that’s something we’ve haven’t see in a long time.

Source: Hot Air

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