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Exposed: Russia Didn’t Hack The Vote…Republican Sets The Record Straight!
By PJ Editor|December 29, 2016

Well, the liberal media and fake news networks are hard at work again.  They are spreading false claims that a huge amount of Americans are already taking as truth.  And Obama? Well, this is exactly what he wants to happen.

We now know that Obama has doled out his punishment for Russia’s influence over the 2016 Presidential Election. But what many people don’t know, is just what Obama and the democrats are claiming Russia did, that they in fact didn’t do.

Twitchy explains…

Why it took this long for President Obama to do something about malicious cyber activity is another question entirely, but credit the White House for stopping short of accusing Russia of “hacking the election,” whatever that means. Does it mean that Russian operatives actually reprogrammed voting machines in Wisconsin by slipping malicious floppy disks into the drive slots?

The term “hacking” has been used as shorthand for a lot of alleged activities, but the result is always the same: Hillary Clinton lost.

This headline says that Russia hacked the actual vote, not that they leaked information about a corrupt Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party. Hacking the vote and leaking information are two totally different things. This is the lie that democrats and especially Obama, want Americans to believe. It is a lie that is being spread by the liberal media.
That’s what the tweet says, right? “US sanctions Russia over vote hacking.” See, Dr. Jill Stein was onto something with her floppy disk theory.
Now, conservatives are trying to get the word out that this is incorrect information.  One such truth hero, Republican Congressman Justin Amash, is calling it like it is.
Even Michigan Rep. Justin Amash didn’t hesitate to call out AFP for propagating fake news.
It may be too late for many Americans, democrat voters especially, because the majority of them already believe that the Russians actually tampered with our votes. According to Washington Post, fifty percent of Clinton voters believe that Russia “tampered with vote tallies in order to get Trump elected.” That’s a pretty steep influence that liberal fake news seems to have over democrat voters. We as conservatives have to stand up and call out lies like this, because if we won’t then who will?
Source: Twitchy
PJ Editor
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