‘Sanctuary’ California Defies Trump…But Donald Has A BRILLIANT Solution!

Note to sanctuary cities: Donald Trump’s coming to town and he’s not putting up with any more law-breaking.

That’s been the line from the Trump camp during the campaign season. And that’s been the line from the Trump camp during the transition time.

The left is shaking in its boots, already feeling the pinch from the threatened fallout.

As Breitbart reported: “Although Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti warned President-elect Trump that defunding Sanctuary Cities would cause “social, economic and security problems,” Sanctuary California could face bankruptcy if the Trump administration follows through on threats to pull billions in federal funding.”

An estimated 300 cities in the nation have local policies and regulations that block law enforcement officials from complying with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainer requests.

And these cities were set on alert in August, when the Department of Justice’s Inspector General sent a memo out warning the 300 they were breaking federal law with the santuary city practices.

Incoming Attorney General Jeff Sessions – incoming if he’s confirmed by the Senate, that is – is likely preparing to act on this IG finding, and strip such sanctuary cities, which include New York, Lost Angeles, Chicao and Washington, D.C., of their federal funding.

Again, from Breitbart: “Mayor Garcetti and other big city Democrat mayors have defiantly said after Trump’s election that despite the federal government providing an average of 25 percent of state and local government general revenues, they still will not comply with ICE holds.”

Source: Breitbart

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