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‘Sanctuary’ California Just Pissed Off MILLIONS…New Law For Illegals Has Taxpayers FURIOUS!
By Kay Johnson|May 30, 2017

Contrary to popular liberal belief, opponents of illegal immigration are not racists

Patriotic Americans don’t approve of illegal immigrants coming into the country because they are violating our nation’s laws.

Because of their willingness to break immigration law, many illegal immigrants often have no problem committing other crimes.

There are many statistics backing this up, despite the efforts of the Obama administration to keep them hidden.

In 2014, 16 members of the violent MS-13 gang were allowed by the Democrats to come into the country and were provided with government housing, even though the government knew that they were gang members.

These men were only arrested because frightened citizens reported their crimes to the authorities.

But a new law in California may now make it impossible for citizens to appeal to the California government for help if they suspect someone is illegal.

From Yahoo:

Democrats control all levels of state government, and leaders have vowed to resist Trump administration policies at every turn.

Immigration is among their key issues, but most legislation so far has been aimed at limiting what police can do to help immigration authorities and providing additional state services and support to immigrants in the country illegally.

Now, two bills that advanced in the Assembly in the past week are taking aim at private businesses.

A measure that would bar landlords from disclosing tenants’ immigration status or reporting them to immigration officials passed the chamber. A bill prohibiting public and private employers from letting immigration agents come into their worksites or view their employee files cleared a committee.

So California Democrats want to craft laws that will make it illegal for citizens to report a crime? What’s next, making it a crime to be a U.S. citizen?

Given how anti-America California has become, it wouldn’t be a surprise if they did such a thing. The government there is literally putting illegals before citizens, and they want this done not just in California, but across the nation.

It’s difficult for honest people to understand, but it benefits the Democrats to be lawless. Illegals are their main source of votes, and without them they have no chance of winning future elections.

But if California continues to throw their citizens under the bus, their middle class will continue to shrink, and their debt will continue to grow.


Source: Yahoo

Kay Johnson
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