‘Sanctuary’ California Moves To IMPEACH Trump! There’s Just One Problem…

The following story is sad, although not in a heartbreaking, “get out the Kleenex” kind of way. More like “sad” as in “pathetic.”

Some background: California is a beautiful state, but as everyone knows, it leans so far to the left that it is a miracle it hasn’t cracked free of the continent and fallen into the ocean.

Take Hollywood and Silicon Valley, add up the voters who gave Hillary Clinton her useless “popular vote” majority, and the place has been and will be solidly Democratic for some time to come, barring a miracle.

So: Who do you think Californians blame for their troubles, and want punished in the most dramatic possible way?

That’s right: Republican President Donald Trump.

He’s only been in office since early January, but one California municipality is getting in on the “impeachment” ground floor:

Relatively poor, the city of Richmond, California is an industrial community that sits on the eastern side of the Frisco Bay area. It has now voted in favor of a resolution calling on President Donald Trump to be impeached.

Now, the so-called basis for Trump’s impeachment as reported by local ABC News affiliate KGO is based on the President’s alleged links to his private business holdings.

However, they have NO evidence of their claims.

This is only the latest chapter in an ongoing story, however.

According to Right Wing News, the city of Richmond is obsessed with Trump, going back to 2015, when the “mayor blamed Trump for inciting a hate crime against a local mosque, even though the suspect had praised Hillary Clinton in social media.”


Richmond is reportedly one of the poorest large cities in the state, and has the highest public employee salary burden. Obviously, the two are connected. It’s likely the city’s well off tax base has fled, taking wealth — and apparently sanity — with it.

From the sounds of it, the only people left in Richmond, California are overpaid politicians who have nothing better to do than pass pointless “resolutions.” Wonder what the remaining tax paying citizens in the city think about this? The depressing thing is, they may actually consider the toothless resolution a great idea.

Source: Right Wing News

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