Raging Sanders Tries to “Bern” Trump…Instead Admits Embarrassing Truth About Democrats – Hilarious!

The left refuse to learn from their crushing loss in this election. Not only did they lose the White House, but the GOP has a majority in both the House and Senate.

This is largely thanks to the continuing radicalization of the Democratic Party. They no longer reflect the values of middle class and working class Americans. They cater to extreme views, such as those held by social justice warriors, Black Lives Matters, and transgender groups.

They have alienated much of America, as evidence leaked out of their corruption during the democratic primaries and general election. As they look at a new reality, where conservative politics take over, they have much soul searching to do if their party is to survive into the next decade.

Sadly they seem to refuse to change. Ironic, as they call themselves “progressives.”

From HuffPo:

As Democrats attempt to learn from their recent electoral losses and reshape the party, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) rejected the notion that President-elect Donald Trump’s victory could have a silver lining if it might mean that the party adopts Sanders’ progressive agenda.

“I would not say that there’s any silver lining in Trump’s victory,” Sanders said in an interview with GQ magazine published Tuesday. “It is scary, and I think there are many, many people throughout this country who are very frightened about what will happen over the next four years. So I don’t see any silver lining.”

Bernie Sanders is essentially the poster child for the pathetic state the democrats are in. He was robbed of the nomination by the corrupt and toxic system that exists in his party. Instead of fighting back, he endorsed the most corrupt politician in American history, Hillary Clinton.

Now that the Democrats have lost so much ground, is Bernie willing to make a change? Nope. He is doubling down on his empty and divisive rhetoric, refusing to acknowledge Trump’s success and the great task the Dems have moving forward.

A party that once fought for equality and peace is now corrupt to the core. They have surrendered their values for wealth and power. Even the “outsider” Sanders cannot see how skewed, how broken, how irrelevant his party now is.

But he stressed that “it’s not a question of us working with Trump. It’s a question of Trump working with us.”

Sorry Uncle Bernie, but you lost. You had a chance to change the system, but your own party failed you. Trump does not have to meet you halfway or make amends. He’s moving forward for this country. You can join him and see better days for the DNC, or you can dig in your feet and go down with the ship.

Right now, it looks like the DNC will not recover.

From HuffPo

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