Sarah Palin STUNS America…Reveals SHOCKING Truth On Controversial Trump Pick!

As the old saying goes — one adapted from the military — “You know you’re over the target when you’re catching flak.”

Steven Bannon is currently experiencing that feeling like no one else in the country, not even his boss, Donald Trump.

Bannon has been promoted from Trump’s campaign CEO to the president elect’s chief strategist and senior counselor. Right on cue, left wing activists and pundits are denouncing the Breitbart publisher as a “racist” and “anti-Semite.”

Among those leaping to Bannon’s defense is Sarah Palin, who was the subject of his 2011 documentary, “The Undefeated.”

On Monday night, Palin posted a thoughtful defense of Bannon on Facebook that read in part:

“A latest press target is a man who’s been part of a team that just made history. Trump campaign CEO, Steve Bannon, is particularly bright on the Leftist media’s radar because they can not handle the fact he’s also from their arena but has been enormously more influential than his peers. (…)

The Steve Bannon I know is a passionate defender of freedom and he lives by example. He’s a patriot; a military veteran and proud Army dad. Bannon’s talents are on display in many venues, my favorite being his production of the documentary “The Undefeated.”

Palin is just one of Bannon’s outspoken defenders. Here’s hoping that Trump won’t be swayed by the media’s libelous campaign of “personal destruction” and will keep Bannon on board.

Source: Breitbart

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