Sarah Palin takes gloves off in legal battle with NYT

Subheading: The straight-talking former Alaska governor is not about to let the paper’s false claims about her go unanswered.  

Sarah Palin is no stranger to negative press, but it sounds like she’s finally had her fill of it.

The former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate has filed suit against the New York Times for publishing false claims about her in an editorial piece.

Fox News reports:

The editorial, attributed to the Times’ editorial board and titled “America’s Lethal Politics,” initially linked Palin’s rhetoric to the shooting that killed six people and wounded 13 others, including Giffords.

The Times posted a correction the following day, admitting that “no such link was established.”

The New York Times is crying foul due to the fact that the paper published a retraction, but Palin’s legal team isn’t having it.

In a motion arguing for the case to be dismissed, attorneys for The New York Times said that Palin’s lawyers had served notice that she plans to subpoena “23 non-party current and former Times reporters, editors and other employees — most of whom had nothing to do with the editorial issue,” according to court documents the New York Post obtained Wednesday.

Palin’s legal team also reportedly plans to ask the Times to produce “every internal communication it has had about her since 2011,” in an effort to obtain “documents that might reveal, among other things, their ‘negative feelings’ toward her,” the Times reportedly told the judge on Wednesday.

This is a case that certainly bears watching. The left-leaning media has a bad habit of showing that it’s views are not the only thing that it’s liberal with.

We’ve seen all sorts of improperly sourced ‘bombshell’ reports that are later completely refuted with nary a whisper. Beyond being outrageous, that’s a clear sign of declining journalistic standards.

In essence, the message has outweighed the news, and that’s a downright frightening development.

While it’s easy to dismiss the Times piece as conjecture due to the fact that it was an opinion piece, it’s not that simple.

Opposing viewpoints and opinions are perfectly fine in a free society such as ours. Blatantly spreading false information is not.

Source: Fox News

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