SEAL Team 6 Mission Revealed—Bin Laden Killers Have Kim Jong-un Wetting The Bed

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un insists on continually poking the bear.

Just when it seemed like the rising tensions between his country and the United States were beginning to cool off, reports emerged that North Korea had successfully tested a hydrogen bomb.

The impact of the explosion was felt in neighboring countries, and additional reports suggested North Korea has the capability to attach the bomb to intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Needless to say, tensions have ratcheted back up substantially.

Jong Un seems awfully confident as he pulls the strings from behind the scenes, but common sense says he should really be tempering his enthusiasm.

The Independent Journal Review shares another reason why that’s the case.

The elite Navy SEAL Team 6 group responsible for taking out al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden now has a special mission that should give nuclear-crazed North Korean madman Kim Jong Un pause.

As reported by U.K. publication The Times, the SEAL team is training up a special assassination squad formed by South Korea to take out Kim Jong Un in the event war should break out.

Quite simply, these elite soldiers don’t mess around. When tasked with a mission, they’re precise and accurate, and the end result is its successful completion.

That should be more than enough to make anyone in its path quake in their boots.

The SEALs were given with the mission of training the South Korean commandos, which are additionally tasked with taking out “command and control” systems, according to the report.

The South Korean defense minister announced the plan and said he believes his country can “create the unit by December 1.”

While it’s good to know that there’s some elite training going on behind the scenes, we’ll hold out hope that it would ultimately prove to be unnecessary.

War is a lose-lose proposition. While our nation’s military should be able to quickly handle any direct attacks from North Korea, no one knows how much damage the rogue nation could inflict before that comes to pass.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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