WOW: Secret Democrat Plan To Win Election REVEALED…Hillary Will LOSE If This Gets Out!

Donald Trump said it himself: The system is rigged. He’s added more than once that if he loses, that will be all the proof anyone needs.

It is a well-known fact that the Democrats, particular in certain regions, have manipulated elections, from using union thugs to get out the vote to adding dead people to the voter’s rolls. That kind of underhandedness, taking place in Chicago, is exactly what got JFK into the White House by the narrowest margin in history.

Over at Proud Conservative, they use a video showing a social experiment in conformity to illustrate another reason the Democrats get so many votes:

The notion that Democrats are sheep who will simply follow the masses without even questioning it has been around for as long as their party has existed.

The vast majority of Democrats have no real idea why they vote Democrat…it’s just something they have been trained and conditioned to do for many years. They are sheep…they follow the crowd. (…)

The media controls the minds of voters and literally decides elections.

The video in question shows a woman eventually going along with a bunch of strangers in a waiting room, as they stand and sit prompted by audible signals. Similar experiments have been done before, showing that a troubling number of individuals will simply mimic the behaviour of those around them, no matter how absurd.

There are probably many other reasons the Democrats still have a hold on some voters: pressure from family, co-workers and neighbors, media bias, nostalgia… Hopefully, more and more Americans are waking up to what that party is really all about and are willing to vote for the candidate they truly support, not just the one “everyone else” thinks should win.

Credit: Proud Conservative

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