Obama and Clintons in BIG, BIG Trouble! Secret Recordings Reveal…

Despite their best efforts to hide every unlawful action, Bill and Hill’s indiscretions are coming to head, because the FBI won’t stop digging until they find every last relevant detail to the Clinton Foundation investigation.

The Federal Bureau is sorting through President Obama’s interactions with the Department of Justice to find information about who should be prosecuted and for what.

Recently, the FBI obtained secretly recorded conversations of a suspect linked to the Clinton investigation discussing alleged deals the Clintons orchestrated that DOJ prosecutors dismissed as political gossip, according to a new Wall Street Journal report.

From the Independent Journal Review: 

FBI investigators believed the audio was at least worth investigating, and they grew increasingly frustrated as they ran into roadblocks erected by corruption prosecutors and even some FBI executives, sources told The Wall Street Journal. The prosecutors reportedly felt the case wasn’t worth bringing to a grand jury, because the individual in the secret recording wasn’t working inside the Clinton Foundation.

According to the internal report:

Amid the internal finger-pointing on the Clinton Foundation matter, some have blamed the FBI’s No. 2 official, Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, claiming he sought to stop agents from pursuing the case this summer. His defenders deny that and say it was the Justice Department that kept pushing back on the investigation.

This is yet another example Obama’s DOJ running interference for the Clintons, which one might suspect means covering for Obama, too!

FOX News’ Brit Hume discusses the FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation with Bret Baier:

More troubling facts about the Clinton scandal are expected in the upcoming days — particularly because, according to FOX News sources, the Clinton Foundation investigation is a top FBI priority.


Source: Independent Journal Review  



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